I could tell you

[insert goal here]

I could tell you that [it’s] easy, that anyone can do it.

I could tell you [it] happens in the blink of an eye, that you’ll just know.

I could tell you that [it’ll] always be there, that you’ll feel loved.

I could tell you that [it] brings only good days, never bad.

But I’d be lying.

We all find ourselves asking questions like:

“If I could just pass this class..”

“If I could just lose 10 pounds..”

“If I could just meet a guy.”

“If I just had an extra $500/month..”

“God, if you could just give me this one thing..”

I’m just as guilty.

If I’ve learned anything in my 23 years, I have come to know that the best things in life don’t come free. I know you’ve heard the saying before, but do you truly believe it?

We have to realize what it is we want.

When your mom told you to clean your room, did you go do it? Probably not. But when you can’t find your favorite pair of shoes in the mess, you go clean it. We’re all stubborn in that way. When you find your “why” to whatever it is you’re looking to accomplish, you find purpose. We don’t do things simply when we are told, we are driven to do things from our own passions and beliefs. This purpose is the same one that will drive you when it feels like the everything is going wrong, when you feel like quitting. If you find a big enough purpose to why it is you want to achieve your goal, nothing can stop you.

We have to work hard for the things we want.

Do you think because you go to class you’ll end up with a good grade? Maybe. But if you go to class, do the assignments, and study the material, you’ll ace it with flying colors. A lot of things in life are this way. When we invest time and effort into things that we want, we can see the success happen before our eyes. If everything was easy and happened without effort, we wouldn’t be driven towards setting or reaching new goals. Don’t lose sight of dreams you have, set the bar and work harder than ever to achieve them.

We have to be persistent with the things we want.

Do you think because you did 10 crunches you’ll have a 6 pack set of abs? You wish. If you want something, work towards it with persistence. Life isn’t about where you end up, it’s about the journey and obstacles you will face along the way. Enjoy the process and learn to overcome the defeat of time. There is comfort in knowing that with persistence will come a great reward.

What I can tell you is that [it] will be worth it. 

When you work towards reaching your goals with diligence and dedication, you’ll find the race to the top is much quicker than it ever seemed. Successful people aren’t lucky. No one ever sees the hours, days, months, or years that they worked hard on end without stopping. When we learn to obsesses over the journey instead of the destination and celebrate every success and failure along the way, we begin to see our worth begin to unfold. If we never stopped to enjoy the view, we’d miss some of life’s most precious moments.

Discover your passion and fall in love with it over and over again every step of the way. “Stop asking yourself, “If only…” and put your dreams into action.  The only thing stopping you, is you.

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