Love the One You’re With

Whether or not you believe it, family is everything. It’s the people who made you, who helped shaped you into who you are to your very core. They helped to create and deepen your beliefs, mold your soul and strengthen your heart.

The special thing about family is that the meaning may be different to every person that you meet. It could be defined as traditional consisting of parents, grandparents and siblings, or untraditional which is more typical in our world today. Family may be just the people that raised you or the friends who you grew up around. And though every family may look or function differently, they all have the same purpose: to love and be loved.

They laugh with you.

They cry with you.

They anger you.

They disappoint you.

They support you.

They encourage you.

They love you.

And while our families may do all these things, we all have a special image in our head of what our family should look, act or be like. The reality is, we can’t change what we’ve been given.

“If you can’t be with the one you love, love the one you’re with.” -Stephen Stills

Love the one you’re with. Even when you don’t love yourself, your family still loves you. When they laugh with you, and maybe even at you, love them anyway. When they cry with you because when you hurt, they hurt, love them anyway. When they anger you because you don’t always see eye to eye, love them anyway . When they don’t agree with every decision you make, love them anyway. When they argue with you because you disagree more often than not, love them anyway. When they disappoint you because you set higher expectations for them than you do for yourself, love them anyway. Love them because even when everything else is crumbling around you, they support you in every wide-eyed and out-of-this-world journey you embrace. Love them because  they encourage you to chase your dreams or live every day like it’s your last. Love them because even if they aren’t always the ones you want, they’re the ones you’re with.

Every family is the way it is because that is how God intended our journey to be. It may not always pretty or the way we wish it would be. Every single person in our lives, every action, every path we choose, and every circumstance we face is as God intends it to be.

Whether it’s broken or beautiful, your family is yours in order to help you become the person God has meant for you to be.

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