My Only Sunshine: Monthly Book Club

First a blog, now a book club!

The goal of my monthly reading club is simply enjoy reading with one another! I am setting a personal goal to read a book a month, and will be doing some research to find the best books around to suggest to all of you! The topics will include a range of topics: motivation, leadership, romance, comedy, prayer, and thrillers. The great thing about this is you can choose which books, if any, you’d like to read too!
I will begin the book on the first of every month and encourage you all to follow along with my blog posts about the book and even share your own feelings about the book if you decide to read along! Discussions will take place at the middle and end of the month or more if necessary!

It’s an open group, so feel free to share with anyone and everyone! The first book is up on the group, head over to find out what it is I’ll be reading in November! 

My Only Sunshine: Monthly Book Club

All I ask is that if you don’t already ‘like’ my Facebook Page or follow along with my blog that you do so!

Happy Reading!


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