Stuck Somewhere Between Patience and Pity

I know you.

You scroll through social media this morning and see yet another friend of yours: graduated, engaged, married, pregnant, buying a house, a new car, a new purse, traveled somewhere new.
Impatience controls you. It controls your mood and your happiness. You begin to define your life by memorable moments constantly skipping over your life from one moment to the next to keep up with those around you. 

When you start to think about your life, you find that your focus isn’t even on you anymore. You don’t see your success and your own achievements. Your focus entirely shifts. You become obsessed with celebrating other people’s lives, their accomplishments. You find yourself wallowing in pity and self-doubt because you are constantly comparing yourself to someone else.

I know you because you’re just like me.

If patience is a virtue, it certainly isn’t one I’ve been blessed with. I have to choose every single day to be patient. I have to consciously choose to slow my world, my thoughts, and my actions down to enjoy every moment. I have to live everyday of my life stuck somewhere between patience and pity. I have to choose if I want to live my own life or chasing after someone else’s. I have to choose to give up my pity of where I think my life should be and in exchange live my life focusing on finding a balance of patience every day.

Growing up is difficult. We are thrown into the world with little to no direction and find ourselves comparing other’s as a way to define our life: To make sure we’re “on track” with everyone else we know. 

Stop comparing yourself. You have a beautiful life and you are a beautiful person. Have patience. Push the pity and the self-doubt aside and be bold in your life. Forge your own path for your life and celebrate every day and every accomplishment simply because it’s yours. Your life doesn’t have to look like anyone else’s, it just has to be yours and one you find worth living. 


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