When You Let it Go

Whether it’s a relationship that wronged you, a mistake, a choice, the opportunity of a lifetime sooner or later you will have to let it go.
I find this so powerful and intimidating. 

  • How could you possibly “just let it go?”
  • Are you a hoarder of your feelings?
  • Do you struggle to let go of things that bother you? 
  • Do you cling to your anger or emotions? 

You probably get in trouble with your feelings because you’re more vocal than others about things that bother you. The truth is, you don’t let go of things that bother you like you should because you truly care much about what other people think. You aim to please, and when the anger and the disappointment sets in, it begins to linger in your thoughts. You don’t let go not because you don’t want to, but because you feel that in order to get past something, it requires confrontation and discussing the matter. 

The thoughts consume you:

  • How could this situation have gone differently?
  • Is there anything else I could have said or done to make things right?
  • Am I wrong?
  • Do they even care?

Maybe life’s questions aren’t so cut and dry. Maybe the answers to your questions aren’t ones you want to hear.

But when you choose to let it go, your heart calms and the anger and the despair disappears. When you let whatever is tearing your heart go, you find comfort, you move on. 

If I’ve learned anything, it’s that life isn’t meant to be spent angry. We’re meant to spend our lives full of love. 

Try and find it in yourself to confront your anger, to look past it, and let it go. You’ll begin to find the peace amongst the chaos that’s within your life.

Whatever thing you think you can’t do without: alcohol, shopping, that number on a scale. The pills, the lies, the affair. The money, the success, the cutting. Whatever it is that you clutch onto with angry fists, that you grab like a lifeline, when you release that thing, when you let it go, that’s when you’ll hear the notes between the music. That’s when you’ll feel the groove, the rhythm you were made to feel, that you’ve covered over a thousand times with noise and motion and fear and all of the things. When you hear it, you’ll realize it sounds a lot like your own heart beat, the rhythm of God, of life, pumping in your chest, the most beautiful song you’ve heard.

-Shauna Niquest, Present Over Perfect

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