Living for me.

Close your eyes. Take a deep breath. Really feel those few, soft moments where your breath warms your belly and fill your soul.

When you find your moment of peace, can you picture the life you’ve only ever imagined?

It’s a life full of love, hope, and excitement.

Keep your eyes closed just a moment longer, you begin to see all your hopes and dreams come to life right before you. The family you always wanted, the career you worked so hard for, luxurious travels, the big white house with the wrap-around porch. The passions that make your heart skip a beat and the experiences that make you feel like a kid again.

You exhale, slowly releasing all the negative thoughts in your mind. All of the hatred and jealousy, all your self-doubt and worry vanishes, and for a moment you are at peace.

You can be you again, even just for a moment.

That moment of peace, the split-second when you find yourself able to truly let go, is something people live and die for. The hope for a better life, a life that is full, yet simple. A life where you can live out all of your ambitions and dreams. A life where you can say yes and live for you.

Imagine if you could re-live this single moment, forever.

Imagine if this dream was your reality.

I’ve spent my entire life trying to create myself, instead of unveiling myself as the woman God created me to be. We were created to be. To be as God created us, and to discover and share our gifts and talents, our hopes and dreams.

My heart is happiest when I live for me. Not in the sense of selfishness, but in the sense of self-awareness. When I listen to my heart and when I listen to God, my soul is at peace.

Featured Image Credit: Pinterest

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