Hang in there Momma..

My heart is so, so full. With the birth of my daughter, my life has been forever changed. Being her mom is everything I could have ever dreamed it would be and more. Being a mom has been such a blessing, but in the midst of it all sometimes we forget to mention just how hard it truly is.

I think one of the most honest piece of advice I’ve been told about motherhood is that being a mom is the hardest job you will ever have.

As a mom, you give. You give all you have to your child. You give all your energy & your time. You give your whole heart. You give up all your own needs to meet theirs. You are needed and depended on and so it seems that sometimes, no matter the cost, you give. 

But while you are giving, you may find yourself at a loss and feeling like you have nothing more to give. 

You don’t ask for help because you don’t want it. You are scared to fail and more scared to admit it. Because while you’re a mom, you wear other hats and you’re having trouble finding your place in the mess of who you are. 

Maybe it’s just me, but I’d like to think we’ve all felt this way. I’ve had moments of doubt. Moments where I feel tested by God in this new role, and moments where I felt as though I had nothing more to give.

But as cheesy as it may be, every time I look at my little girl I realize just how strong I am.

I am strong, and so are you

So hang in there Momma. If someone hasn’t told you, you are SO worthy. Worthy of a life full of love and happiness. You are stronger than any of your fears & doubts. You are beautiful. You have done great things. You are your child’s whole world, even if they don’t say it or show it, you are forever their mom and they adore you. 

Above all, you are more than enough. 

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